Turn your project plans into more action as you learn directly inside ProperPlan. Less clutter, more progress—big dreams just got closer.

Unlimited plans, no monthly fees, one time payment.

When you join the waitlist, you'll get early access AND our best ever launch deal.

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Learn. Plan. Do.

Our plans are filled with training videos so you learn directly inside ProperPlan

You learn skills, strategies, new knowledge and helpful tips directly inside our project management tool.

No more wondering "How do I even do this?!"

It's like having a coach by your side every step of the plan.


Designed to reduce overwhelm so you (and your team) get more done

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by tools packed full of confusing features or the "blank screen syndrome" of not even knowing where to start, then you're going to love how intuitive and clean ProperPlan is.

We designed it from the ground up with your focus in mind.


In just a few clicks pick any of our plans and customise it to your needs

Choose a plan from the library, answer a few questions, pick an end date, and ProperPlan will create a completely bespoke plan for you in seconds - task by task, day by day.

Coming soon - Smart Planner will tell you if you can complete a plan with the time you've got to work on it. No more underestimating how much time a project needs.


Expert-created marketing and business plans (30 more verticals coming soon)

This year we'll have plans for starting, growing and scaling a business. With everything from social media plans, to business startup plans, to launch plans for creating products and selling your offers online.

As our library grows, we'll be offering hundreds of expert-created plans across all areas of business, life, health and wealth - anywhere you need a plan, ProperPlan will guide you through!


Make writing effortless with our AI CopyCrafter tool

Our templates include includes resources, copy templates, and an AI tool to tailor your content—creating content takes seconds.

Our tool will write in your voice, fill templates with key information and you can even ask it to make edits.


Beyond the plans library: Craft custom plans your own way


You can build your own plans from scratch using our plan creator.

Our platform has been designed to speed up your workflow so creating plans is a breeze - no more trying to figure out how to use complicated project management tools.

Designed for individuals, small teams and digital creators

Access to a library of customisable marketing and business plans

Create your own plans from scratch with our simple plans builder tool

ProperPlan is for anyone, for anything.


We're launching with an incredible offer

We'll be launching ProperPlan with a "one-time fee" license offer to celebrate our platform being unleashed to the world! Meaning you'll never pay again to use ProperPlan.

I discovered, on my journey as a course creator, my customers were constantly getting stuck. They were learning in one place, trying to project plan in another, and losing too much time, energy and focus constantly switching platforms. Not to mention the overwhelm they faced trying to navigate complicated tools.

Our beautifully simple platform lets you learn directly inside ProperPlan, eliminating the need for endless searching elsewhere.

Because you can customise all our plans in a few clicks, and use AI to get more done and faster, ProperPlan is like a virtual coach guiding you to achieve your biggest dreams.

Say bye-bye to overwhelm, and hello to getting more done.

"I was sick of seeing my students struggle with taking action on what I was teaching"

Laura Phillips - founder & CEO of ProperPlan


You'll pay once for ProperPlan, and you'll never have to pay again, meaning savings every single month - by joining the waitlist you'll be the first to hear when this offer is available but it won't be available for long.

01. What exactly is a lifetime license?

You can add as many team members as you want to ProperPlan, and we'll have some incredible launch offers for those of you who want to plan for the future by securing lifetime licenses for your team too!

02. How many team members can I add?

You'll have 7 days to try ProperPlan and decide if its right for you, and if it's not we'll happily refund you. 

03. What if I don't like the platform?

Of course!! Drop us a note to team@properplan.com and one of our wonderful team will be happy to help.

04. Can I speak to someone before I buy?

Got a question? We've got the answer.

I think the better question to ask is - why are so many people looking to replace their current project management tool? The truth is, if traditional tools helped you to be successful you’d never want to change your tool - but what you actually need is strategy + planning + action + learning all in one place. No platform has offered that before.

05. There are so many PM tools on the market, what makes ProperPlan different?

With any important project you need two things - knowledge and a plan. You used to learn in one place, then plan and take action in another - ProperPlan brings learning, planning and action-taking into one platform so you can achieve more without overwhelm.

06. What does ProperPlan actually do?

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The only project management  action tool you need.

Join the waitlist to get early access AND our best ever launch deal.