Transform Your Dreams into Action  with ProperPlan

The world's first platform that seamlessly integrates step-by-step project plans with coaching and training.


Founded by Laura Phillips, an entrepreneur with a decade of e-learning and coaching experience, dedicated to helping solopreneurs and micro-teams succeed.

ProperPlan combines the best of project management and actionable learning into one intuitive platform.

If you’ve ever felt lost learning something new and then implementing it, overwhelmed by the complexity or project planning tools, or that you wear too many hats - you’re not alone and we’re here to help.

ProperPlan Preview

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1. Introduction To ProperPlan


Learn the know-how you need as you take action on your biggest goals

If you want to make any big goal come to life - you need two things, a plan and new knowledge!

ProperPlan uniquely blends learning inside a beautifully intuitive and simple project management tool so for the first time you can do both things in the same place.


Designed to reduce overwhelm so you (and your team) get more stuff done

If you've ever felt the overwhelm of a project management platform that's packed way too full of confusing features or the "blank screen syndrome" of not even knowing where to start, then you're going to love how intuitive and clean ProperPlan is.

We designed it from the ground up with you in mind.


In just a few clicks pick any of our plans and customise it to your needs

We deeply understand that every individual's journey and needs are unique, which is why we've steered clear of the "one size fits all" approach.

Not only can you pick from many plans in the our library, but our plans can be customised in moments so that they work for your specific situation.


Expert-created marketing and business plans (30 more verticals coming soon)

ProperPlan is launching with plans to help you with all aspects of starting, growing and scaling a business. With everything from social media plans, to business startup plans, to launch plans for creating products and selling your offers online.

As our library grows, we'll be offering hundreds of expert-created plans across all areas of business, life, health and wealth - anywhere you need a plan, ProperPlan will guide you through!


Effortless action: AI-Enhanced Plans at your fingertips

ProperPlan utilises AI to make planning smarter and action-taking easier, transforming big ideas into straightforward steps. This clever use of AI ensures you receive guidance that's bespoke to your needs, rather than generic advice. Plus, with our friendly virtual coaching, you're supported at every step, making everything from learning to launching simpler and much more enjoyable.


Beyond the plans library: Craft custom plans your own way


In addition to the extensive library of plans in ProperPlan, you can build your own plans from scratch using our plan creator tool - meaning you can have all your plans in one place.

Our platform has been designed to speed up your workflow so creating plans is a breeze - no more trying to figure out how to use complicated project management tools.

Our 25+ Business & Marketing Plans


pay in $USD

✓ Add team member lifetime seats for just £50 EACH and future-proof your team growth.

✓ Never pay again for ProperPlan - potentially save thousands each year.

Unlimited plans, no monthly fees, one time payment.




Laura Phillips: A Journey from Freelancer to Founder

In 2014, Laura Phillips began her entrepreneurial journey as a web and e-commerce freelancer and a young mother determined to build a better future for her children. Her technical skills quickly led her to surpass her corporate income within months.

To combat the isolation of entrepreneurship, Laura created a community for startup owners, which grew rapidly. This success propelled her into e-learning, where her online trainings took off enabling her to focus full-time on online coaching and course creation.

Laura successfully raised investment from keen investors supporting her vision within a week last October. As ProperPlan prepares for its launch, Laura is set to redefine goal achievement, empowering individuals to realise their ambitions with clarity and efficiency.

Her venture, Love To Launch, gained attention for its authentic approach and effective online events, resulting in a thriving membership hub and six-figure sales. However, Laura noticed a gap between learning and implementation among her participants. This inspired her to create ProperPlan, a platform merging learning with action, designed for solopreneurs and micro teams.

You'll pay once for ProperPlan, and you'll never have to pay again, meaning savings every single month - this offer is available but it won't be available for long.

01. What exactly is a lifetime license?

You can add as many team members as you want to ProperPlan, and we'll have some incredible launch offers for those of you who want to plan for the future by securing lifetime licenses for your team too!

02. How many team members can I add?

You'll have 7 days to try ProperPlan and decide if its right for you, and if it's not we'll happily refund you. 

03. What if I don't like the platform?

Of course!! Drop us a note to and one of our wonderful team will be happy to help.

04. Can I speak to someone before I buy?

Got a question? We've got the answer.

I think the better question to ask is - why are so many people looking to replace their current project management tool? The truth is, if traditional tools helped you to be successful you’d never want to change your tool - but what you actually need is strategy + planning + action + learning all in one place. No platform has offered that before.

05. There are so many PM tools on the market, what makes ProperPlan different?

With any important project you need two things - knowledge and a plan. You used to learn in one place, then plan and take action in another - ProperPlan brings learning, planning and action-taking into one platform so you can achieve more without overwhelm.

06. What does ProperPlan actually do?


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