ProperPlan Updates


4 Reasons Why ProperPlan is the Only Project Tracker You Need

ProperPlan’s project tracking functionality comprises of daily to do lists and efficient task management, empowering you to take control of your big dreams and take action to achieve your dreams like never before.   Efficiency Redefined: Daily To Do Lists Made Simple ProperPlan revolutionises task management by pulling your key tasks for each day into […]

Why We’re Launching ProperPlan With 20+ Plans

As we get closer to launching our brand new software, ProperPlan, we want to share a feature that we’re really excited about… Expert-created marketing and business plans!

Answering your top ProperPlan questions

Answer your questions about ProperPlan

ProperPlan founder and CEO, Laura Phillips, is here to answer all of your questions about ProperPlan ahead of our launch in May.

ProperPlan Updates


ProperPlan vs Project Management Tools – What Makes Us Different?

Some people called us crazy when we said we were bringing a new project management tool to a marketplace of thousands that already exist. But the truth is, it’s not a case of ProperPlan vs project management tools because ProperPlan is not really a project planning tool in the traditional sense.

ProperPlan update – December 2023

Laura here again, ProperPlan CEO and founder, with another monthly update. As we step into the bright beginnings of an exciting new year ahead, it’s time to take a quick pause and reflect on December’s journey—a month filled not just with festive cheer but with more significant milestones for ProperPlan.

ProperPlan update – November 2023

Welcome to our very first monthly update from the exhilarating world of being a tech founder! November has been a whirlwind of progress, fun problem solving and milestones, and I’m thrilled to share this with you!

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