ProperPlan vs Project Management Tools – What Makes Us Different?

March 14, 2024

Some people called us crazy when we said we were bringing a new project management tool to a marketplace of thousands that already exist. But the truth is, it’s not a case of ProperPlan vs project management tools because ProperPlan is not really a project planning tool in the traditional sense.

When we said we were bringing a new project management tool to a marketplace of thousands that already exist, some people called us crazy.

But the truth is, it’s not a case of ProperPlan vs project management tools because ProperPlan is not really a project planning tool in the traditional sense. In fact it’s in a category of its own because nothing else like this exists.

For the first time you can learn the knowledge you need, plan your projects and take action. All in the same place.

Our platform emerges not just to innovate but as a revolution in how we approach productivity and learning – because what we’ve been doing till now hasn’t really been working.

Where is it going wrong with other approaches?

When you think about it – the world of learning online is a bit backwards. 

You set yourself a big goal, invest in acquiring knowledge and learning it in one place, then plan out the project to the best of your ability in another place. And then you take action sometimes in a third place.

And it leaves many people in a constant state of overwhelm, inaction and being too busy.

We realised the problem first in our own courses (this is what the PP team did for 10 years before we created our software) when lovely, hard-working people were investing in our training but not taking action.

No matter how much we tried to fill the gap with coaching, trying to teach the concept of action-learning (learn a bit, take action, repeat) and giving them ALL the tech shortcuts – the real issue was that we were asking them to constantly switch between lots of different platforms.

So we reimagined what the ideal “all in one” solution would be and ProperPlan was born.

What makes ProperPlan better than other tools?

Ultimately, we’re not here to be another rung on the ladder of “better” project planning tools; we’re carving out our very own niche, transcending traditional boundaries.

Trying to compare ProperPlan vs project management tools is like contrasting a smart home with just a set of keys. The keys are crucial and open the door, but a smart home adjusts the lighting, temperature, and music to your liking, all before you step inside.

If you want a project tool with every single traditional project planning feature imaginable, then we’re probably not for you.

But if you’re someone who has big dreams and goals in your life, and you want an easier and more effective way of making them happen – then we’re about to become your new bestie.

ProperPlan is about bringing a refreshing blend of planning, learning, and executing all in one harmonious space.

It’s about reimagining the very essence of project management, making it a uniquely enriching experience.

While traditional tools do an amazing job of keeping us on track, they often leave a craving for something more – the integration of learning what we need to know right where we work. 

This is where ProperPlan dances in, filling the stage with its integrated learning approach, ensuring that the switch between planning and applying new strategies is not just a leap, but a simple micro step.

Crafted from a decade of agency and e-learning experience

Project management tools have their strengths, but the seamless marriage of project management with gaining knowledge? That’s our jam and it’s crafted from 10 years e-learning and agency experience. 

The PP team, in our previous life, trained thousands of entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses and managed the launch campaigns of some of the biggest leaders in the online space – generating millions in sales along the way.

Rooted in the wisdom gained from being in the trenches of agency life, e-learning and coaching – ProperPlan was designed to solve an entire approach to how we take action because we eat, live and breathe making big goals come to life for those we have served over the years.

But we’ve also experienced daily the sprawling chaos of achieving our own dreams, building businesses, managing projects, onboarding clients, and mastering strategy all at once whilst also trying to maintain our sanity and avoid an 80 hour week.

Once you start using ProperPlan you’re going to wonder, “How did I ever manage without this?”

A reminder of what you can look forward to

ProperPlan has features that are as transformative as they are intuitive, all contained with a beautifully designed and simple platform. Simple does not mean basic, it just means we’ve been meticulous in our approach to only include what you “really” need.

Integrated learning:

Our core mission – to make it easier for you to take action on your biggest dreams, so we’ve designed our platform to be the one place you go to plan, learn and take action. You’ll learn as you go and you’ll make more progress because of it.

Expert-created plans:

No more trying to create a project from scratch! Our plans library is full of marketing and business plans that have been designed by leading experts in their fields – meaning you’re getting what’s really working.

Customise in a few clicks:

All our plans can be customised to your specific needs in a few clicks, removing anything that’s not relevant to you, adding in strategies you need to achieve your goals and making it easier than ever to plan for your biggest goals.

AI powered:

ProperPlan utilises AI to make planning smarter and action-taking easier, transforming big ideas into straightforward steps. This clever use of AI ensures you receive guidance that’s bespoke to your needs, rather than generic advice. Plus, with our friendly virtual coaching, feel supported at every step, making everything from learning to launching simpler and much more enjoyable.

Coming for the ride?

ProperPlan is our ode to efficiency, life-long learning, and strategic execution. And it stands as a testament to our commitment to not just enhance the way we manage projects but how we show up for ourselves and our biggest dreams.

We launch in May 2024 with a waitlist-only special offer that you won’t want to miss – grab it here….


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